album: Diners – Always Room


It’s easy to get caught up in the emotion of a song and any underlying meanings, while this is the beauty of music it can also being an exhausting exercise with no conclusive answer. When I listen to Diners though, their music is so easy to approach and enjoy. Listen to their 2014 album Always Room and just appreciate if for what it is, don’t over think anything just enjoy it….it should be pretty easy.


album: Squirrel Flower – Contact Sports

Ella Williams is the shinning vocal lead behind Squirrel Flower and on their latest album Contact Sports her vocals spar well with the bruising guitar that drones on in the background. Its folk…but with a fuck you attitude.

album: Bop City – Terror Jr

Up and coming american pop trio named Terror Jr is stacked with proven producer potential, song writing, and vocals. I expect them to be hitting the charts in 2017 when they finally reveal themselves at their TBD first performance. This band also comes with controversy associated with the singer who to this date remains undisclosed who she is.  Everyone believes it is Kylie Jenner but its actually a talented girl named Lisa. I personally know Lisa through friends so it is cool to know an upcoming artist due for a successful year and career.


album: Pink Season – Filthy Frank

What better way to ring in the New Year than to drop a controversial lyrically jaw dropping album to help socially offend the masses or the way I interpret to add another layer of skin to the masses as we prepare for a non stop controversial year of Trumped up presidential tweets accompanied by viral entertaining video taped liberal responses. Filthy Frank is nasty, just as his name would imply… At least this character has an outlet for his non stop questionable mental activity that powers his skillet that is constantly burning the main ingredient to a crisp, the main ingredient… sensible lyrics.