Liars – WIXIW

Stream Liars new album WIXIW, pronounced “wish you”, over at NPR in its entirety.  NPR is comparing it to Radiohead’s Kid A, pretty bold statements. Enjoy the album.


Fight Bite

When Neon Indian member Leanne Macomber wants to make dark dramatic pop she does so under the name Fight Bite.  Below you can listen to the latest album from the project in over two years self-titled, Fight Bite. Stand out tracks are  “Charlotte Pluie and Nancy.”

NEW Yeasayer “Henrietta”

We got this via email from Yeasayer:

You might be unaware, but recently we snail mailed 200 random people on our mailing list a compact disc of our new song “Henrietta.”  We wanted you, the people who have supported us, the chance to hear and spread the new song first before the press got the track.  In other words, we wanted to give you “firsties.”  Though it’s seeped it’s way through the internet, we wanted to make sure you had a link to get a high quality version of “Henrietta:” 

They continue to perfect their unique sound, can’t wait for more new material from them!