Came across the band on my cousins facebook page, and damn glad I did. The closest comparison I can make is Animal Collective or Panda Bear, but for a more official explanation of the music take it straight from the master mind behind the project J.E. Bennett.

DOLPHIN MOUTH was born from the love of a man and a woman like any other person could be.  He lives and works in the great state of Tennessee. Dolphin Mouth employs the modern technology by press-pressing buttons and twist-twisting knobs as well as implementing the age old tools of rock ‘n roll by drum-drumming and strum-strumming.  Shimmying through aspects of dance, pop, hip-hop, dub, ambience, and whatever else comes to mind, Dolphin Mouth attempts to invite listeners along for a weirdo-psychedellic ride that might be a tad challenging at times, but makes all the sense in the world eventually. Dolphin Mouth lets out his secrets of dark and of light, but all is positive and mostly about love. 

Check out one of his newer tracks “We’ll Become Giants” below.


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