video: Cassie “King Of Hearts (Richard X Remix)”


Foxes “Youth”

Foxes is in actual fact just one, Louisa Rose Allen. The Southampton-born 22 year-old followed her big sister to London the day she turned 18 to study music, and let’s just say she fell out of love with the classroom and focused her energy on the music itself. Which has proven to satisfy the masses to say the least. Check out her latest single “Youth” as well as a dubbed out Adventure Club remix.

Adventure Club Remix

Purity Ring “Obedear”

This track sits above the rest, Purity Ring’s sound is confident on their first single “Obedear” off their upcoming full-length Streams, out this Summer.  It’s cold and dark, but somehow the song entices us to explore each dark corner of the room, its almost an addictive sound. This is merely the tip of the iceberg of what will be a stunning album.

Ricky Eat Acid “so i will not fall deep into the earth”

I’ll let Ricky sum this one up…

this is spacepunk. it’s a genre. it’s not a serious genre, but it’s a serious genre. there is no point to spacepunk. it’s anti-trendy. there are no driving electronic rhythms – it lacks any post-rave, post-internet, future-pop beats. there’s nothing really. that’s it.
there’s nothing. it’s music that evokes the feeling of floating endlessly and eternally through darkness. it’s inspired as much by the romanticized and unscientific idea of space as it is by sleep, heavy opiate use, and the feeling of being alone in bed, half awake on a rainy day. it’s a very sad feeling. it’s not nostalgic, but it still makes me miss everything.
it’s nothing, really. you could characterize it as drone, sometimes, or ambient. i’m not really sure. it’s fun, but it’s not.
it’s not post-internet, it’s post-life.
“space is the place”

Trust – TRST

More and more artists are perfecting a totally fresh 80’s sound these days, and one the latest great practitioners is Trust. Now the album art for the album TRST may be a little unsettling, and the music can be dark at times, but don’t let it deter you from listening to the album below.  Stand out for me is “Sulk” but there is such a range of sound on this album there is something for everybody.