Neil Young is notoriously known for not sharing his vast catalog of music to other artists, but in an unexpected turn of events he allowed up and coming artist Redlight King to sample “Old Man.”  See the myspace music article in full here.

“The “Steel City” native of Hamilton, Ontario, Mark Kasperczyk, or “Kaz” for short, who performs under the moniker Redlight King, got to work last year writing songs for his debut LP. And, while perhaps riffing on an overplayed theme, the first song that the songwriter laid down (“Old Man”) spun a tale of a rocky patch he had endured with his father. But Kaz wasn’t done. He not only wanted to create a song that had “the Neil Young flavor,”but he also wanted his new tune to include a snippet of  Young’s timeless classic in the chorus. “Everyone thought I was crazy,” Kaz recalls of the reaction to seeing if Young would allow “Old Man” to be sampled. “(They were saying) ‘Neil Young will never agree to this.. ever’” At first, they seemed right. “(Neil’s) lawyers, his manager, his record label, his publisher.. they all said no,” Kaz says. “But we finally got Neil to listen to it. After he listened to it once, he said yes.”


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