Wintersleep “Weighty Ghost”

I heard Wintersleep’sWeighty Ghost” on the radio this morning and the announcer was right, this could be the next great bon-fire song.  So what are you waiting for…go download the tabs and learn it!



While exploring Teen Daze’s tumblr page I came across a mix that had BALAM ACAB’sOh Why” and I instantly fell in love with the track.  It’s just so dreamy. The song is off of his upcoming WANDER/WONDER album.  Alec Koone (BALAM ACAB) recommends that you listen to this song “loudly” so please do.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults: Paper Crush EP

L.A.’s Letting Up Despite Great Faults self-titled debut album reminded listeners that it’s possible to translate the moody highs and lows of New Order and The Radio Dept.  On their new EP Paper Crush we get a sense of where the band is headed and what their sophomore album release could achieve. Let the space around you fill with their rich sonic textures.  Below are, top to bottom, “Teenage Tide, In Steps, and Our Younger Noise.”

Girls “Vomit”

Girls continue to evolve.  I liked their music when they first came out, but every time I hear more of their new stuff I become more of a fan.  Their latest is “Vomit” off of their upcoming album Father, Son, Holy Ghost out September 13th.  This one comes in at 6:23, and don’t skip through it, let it build. I think you’ll appreciate the ‘Great Gig in the Sky-esq‘ vocal solo at the end.